Re: QSL via lotW and eQsl

Jim Hargrave


The procedure for setting up Logger32 to do this is outlined in the Logger32 help file under “Tips, Tricks and  Troubleshooting, paragraph 1.13”

Once you have setup Logger32, then install N2AMG’s L32 Log sync program to do the work.


Jim – w5ifp-


From: [] On Behalf Of IZ5ILJ Lenio
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2019 12:25 PM
Subject: [hamlogger] QSL via lotW and eQsl


Hi guys,

with my bad english I don't know if I will be able to explain myself: is it possible to put some settings so that all the qsos that I put in log are set as qsl sent via lotw and eqsl?


TNX in advance, greetings

73's de Lenio - IZ5ILJ - #69.


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