Re: FT4 Mode

Gerry VE6LB

This is also incorrect . The adif tag have wrong character counts.

On September 25, 2019 2:19:26 a.m. MDT, ja1nlx <ayoshida0205@...> wrote:


<MODE:3>FT4 is not correct.

It should be replaced with <MODE:4>MFSK<SUBMODE:3>FT4

You can change this using text editor. If you have a problem to change then send me

whole BAD.adi.


On 2019/09/25 17:11, Charles &#39;OXO&#39; wrote:
Thanks Aki-San,

Error in the MODE field:  <A_INDEX:4>10.0 <ANT_AZ:3>0.0 <ANT_EL:3>0.0 <BAND:3>20m <BAND_RX:3>20m <CALL:5>M0IYI <CONT:2>EU <COUNTRY:7>England <CQZ:2>14 <DISTANCE:7>276.000 <DXCC:3>223 <FORCE_INIT:1>0 <GRIDSQUARE:6>IO94io <ITUZ:2>27 <K_INDEX:3>2.0 <LAT:11>N054 36.250 <LON:11>W001 17.500 <MODE:3>FT4 <MY_CQ_ZONE:2>14 <MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>JO02PP <MY_ITU_ZONE:2>27 <MY_LAT:11>N052 38.750 <MY_LON:11>E001 17.500 <NAME:7>Malcolm <PFX:2>M0 <QSO_COMPLETE:1>Y <QSO_RANDOM:10>1246576928 <QTH:10>Billingham <RST_RCVD:3>-06 <RST_SENT:3>-01 <RX_PWR:3>0.0 <SFI:4>66.0 <STATION_CALLSIGN:7>GB60ATG <SWL:1>0 <TIME_OFF:6>120900 <TIME_ON:6>120900 <QSO_DATE:8>20190828 <TX_PWR:6>40.000 <COMMENT:25>FT8  Sent: +00  Rcvd: -15 <EOR>

Error in the MODE field:  <A_INDEX:4>10.0 <ANT_AZ:3>0.0 <ANT_EL:3>0.0 <BAND:3>20m <BAND_RX:3>20m <CALL:6>PD0JMH <CONT:2>EU <COUNTRY:11>Netherlands <CQZ:2>14 <DISTANCE:7>338.000 <DXCC:3>263 <FORCE_INIT:1>0 <GRIDSQUARE:6>JO32cd <ITUZ:2>27 <K_INDEX:3>2.0 <LAT:11>N052 08.750 <LON:11>E006 12.500 <MODE:3>FT4 <MY_CQ_ZONE:2>14 <MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>JO02PP <MY_ITU_ZONE:2>27 <MY_LAT:11>N052 38.750 <MY_LON:11>E001 17.500 <NAME:3>Jos <PFX:3>PD0 <QSO_COMPLETE:1>Y <QSO_RANDOM:10>1246576928 <QTH:7>Zutphen <RST_RCVD:3>-05 <RST_SENT:3>-14 <RX_PWR:3>0.0 <SFI:4>66.0 <STATION_CALLSIGN:7>GB60ATG <SWL:1>0 <TIME_OFF:6>120300 <TIME_ON:6>120200 <QSO_DATE:8>20190828 <TX_PWR:6>40.000 <COMMENT:25>FT8  Sent: +00  Rcvd: -15 <EOR>

Error in the MODE field:  <A_INDEX:4>10.0 <ANT_AZ:3>0.0 <ANT_EL:3>0.0 <BAND:3>20m <BAND_RX:3>20m <CALL:5>K2TQC <CONT:2>NA <COUNTRY:13>United States <CQZ:1>5 <DISTANCE:8>5586.000 <DXCC:3>291 <FORCE_INIT:1>0 <GRIDSQUARE:6>FN13xa <ITUZ:1>8 <K_INDEX:3>2.0 <LAT:11>N043 01.250 <LON:11>W076 02.500 <MODE:3>FT4 <MY_CQ_ZONE:2>14 <MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>JO02PP <MY_ITU_ZONE:2>27 <MY_LAT:11>N052 38.750 <MY_LON:11>E001 17.500 <NAME:7>William <PFX:2>K2 <QSO_COMPLETE:1>Y <QSO_RANDOM:10>1246576928 <QTH:10>Jamesville <RST_RCVD:3>+01 <RST_SENT:3>-16 <RX_PWR:3>0.0 <SFI:4>66.0 <STATION_CALLSIGN:7>GB60ATG <SWL:1>0 <TIME_OFF:6>115900 <TIME_ON:6>115800 <QSO_DATE:8>20190828 <TX_PWR:6>40.000 <COMMENT:25>FT8  Sent: +00  Rcvd: -15 <EOR>

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On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 9:09 AM ja1nlx <ayoshida0205@...> wrote:


Please show me a part of BAD.adi.


On 2019/09/25 17:04, Charles &#39;OXO&#39; wrote:

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