Re: OmniRig bridge for LOGGER32 needed

John, G4DRS

Very simple example: if you want to use Logger32 AND WSJT-X AND you use MicroHam you have serious limitations (you have to choose if you want to open the connection RIG<>Logger32 or RIG<>WSJT-X)

I don't know which Microham items you use, but with some of them (such as the Microkeyer, which I have) it is possible to set up a '2nd CAT port' in the Router software. I use this to have Logger32 and either WSJT-X or a panadapter connected to the same radio simultaneously.
I thought Logger32 slave port functionality was intended to enable using a panadapter directly from Logger32, but it only seems to be possible to communicate one-way, so the panadapter program does not work this way.
Thus, I have to choose either the panadapter or WSJT-X on the 2nd CAT port.
It's not perfect, but it may give you a way forward.


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