Re: OmniRig bridge for LOGGER32 needed

Alessandro I2SVA

Back again on Omnirig and alternative solutions, this is my guess:

- Omnirig is a sw solution that allows multiple applications to access one of the supported Rigs, it does not interfere with any USB port simulator (like LP-Bridge, Eltima, Silicon Labs, Com0com, etc) and therefore it is very convenient

- Any other SW solution that emulate or create USB port bridge, repeater, etc has or may have compatibility issues with USB port simulators already in use (i.e. Eltima, used by MicroHam devices). Moreover more applications in use = more complexity = more troubles...

- Any good reason why the Omnirig driver is not included in Logger32 roadmap?

- Very simple example: if you want to use Logger32 AND WSJT-X AND you use MicroHam you have serious limitations (you have to choose if you want to open the connection RIG<>Logger32 or RIG<>WSJT-X)

Thanks, 73

Alessandro I2SVA

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