Re: Colors, colors ...

Martin J.K.

thanks for fast answer.
Yes, I know all is in the L32 Help.
I am under impression that color settings in one window depend on the settings
in the other window. I may be wrong and that is why I ask.

I will follow your advice and start with the Logbook page window,
then DX spot, etc. And, of course, reading L32 Help again.

Thank you and 73
Martin 9A2JK

On 3.9.2019. 9:54, ja1nlx wrote:


For Logbook page window color go to Setup/Highlight.

For DX spot window color go to right-click on DX spot window, click Setup/Appearance/DX spot highlight color.

For Logbook entry window color go to right-click on Logbook entry window, click Setup/Appearance/

and many more.....step-by-step referring to Logger32 Help.


On 2019/09/03 16:43, Martin J.K. wrote:
I am happy L32 user for some time but the colors are confuses me.
If I understand it correctly the color settings in one window depends
of the color settings in some other window?

I am installing L32 on a friend's PC and looking for advice
where to start setting up the colors?
Which window should be set first?

Martin 9A2JK

73 de aki

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