FW: FW: [hamlogger] and another one !

Jim Hargrave


That is a normal Windows operation. See Bob’s suggestion below.


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That would be my suggestion - Click SETUP | HOTKEYS and UNcheck ALT+A and CTL+A TO TURN ROTOR or go to the rotor setup window and UNcheck the option. 73.

On September 2, 2019 at 9:27 AM Jim Hargrave <w5ifp@...> wrote:

If the rotor Has Global CTRL A capture selected, it locks CTRL A from other programs

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Subject: [hamlogger] and another one !


Hi Bob,


i have a new one for you !


When logger is open, it lock my CTRL A for everything else using CTRL A.


Tested several time, if i close logger CTRL A work again.


Please other users, test this if you have the same issue so Bob could investigate the problem.










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