Re: anther one..

F4FQH Olivier

No much compression, or the text is unreadable.
I should have cut only interesting part but difficult to show the bug on one pic.
And it’s dual screen so the pic is big.
Sorry Mike, maybe your connection on Falkland is slow.

From: Michael Harris via Groups.Io
Sent: Sunday, September 1, 2019 5:02 PM
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] anther one..
You drink too much beer and everyone else receives 2.3MB of jpg we have
no interest in. Maybe a bit of image compression would be a good idea.


Mike VP8NO

On 01/09/2019 10:02, Olivier F4FQH wrote:
> Look this one too.
> Pic taken august 10.
> I was trying to make a QSO with LU1ASP
> (Again with UDP windows method)
> LU answered me
> My report was not heard 2 times.
> Then RK3DTV make a CQ
> The system answered to this russian station ALONE !!! euuuuu
> Never clicked on his call.
> And lost LU1ASP, never made the contact...
> Again maybe an issue of JTDX but interesting to tell you.
> The second pic is the bug we spoke on the forum several time ago.
> When the ?? are in the country column without making anything.
> ( i have this sometimes when i come back from a customer, and i’ve made nothing on the computer. But it’s not very often in the newest versions of logger.)
> Or maybe....i dring to much beer ? ahaha
> 73
> Olivier

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