Re: Satellite QSO to Logger32

Lorenz Graßl

Hi Jacques,

What the simplest way of logging Satellite  QSOs  into Logger 32 and also be compliant with LOTW for upload ??
You have to make sure that your uploaded ADIF-file contains the ADIF-fields "PROP_MODE" and "SAT_NAME". I included these fields in my QSO-entry-mask (SETUP->Setup USER-Fields). SAT_NAME should be filled with "QO100". You can (if you´re lazy like me ;-) define a preset-text for the ADIF-User-fields. In my case the predefined text is QO100. So I don´t have to enter "QO100" myself but logger does for me.

The field PROP_MODE i leave blank. With this modification your LOTW-uploads should work.

73 and maybe we catch us on the satellite?
DL8RDL, Lenz

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