Re: Problem in logging with duplicates

Vytas LY3BG <ly3bg@...>

Hi, I also noticed that when I make a double (B4) QSO it doesn't log in to Logger32.

73   Vytas  LY3BG


2019-08-28 01:48, Bob rašė:

Huh? First, let's try to figure out where the 10K QSOs in your logbook - Did you import them from somewhere, or enter them in real-time logging in Logger32? Then, please explain what your interpretation of duplicate QSOs is. More than one QSO with a station on different bands/modes/times? A few pictures, of what you're seeing may help. SeventyThree(s).

On August 27, 2019 at 6:37 PM larry fields <n6hpx1@...> wrote:

   Problems with my Ham log is when I go through it I found many mistakes I never added. For example I add a VK6? or HL1? and when I do the dxcc it will show where I also worked the same station in duplicate forms, or on frequency's I never did. Many are 6 in a row. I have to go through it manually and remove some. My log is over 10,000 and last count I got 10,550. I I remove some it drops it down around 200 mistakes. 

  Anyone else have this problem.

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