Re: CW machine $name$ macro

Vilhjalmur Sigurjonsson


I did paste your macro into my CW machine (in L32), no problem.

Now try the usual … rename Logger32.ini and cw.ini, to have a fresh start etc. Is it still broken then?

73 Villi


From: [] On Behalf Of Vince Shirley
Sent: sunnudagur, 25. ágúst 2019 12:37
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] CW machine $name$ macro


Well a mystery then,


Space before and after but doesn't work for me.


Here's a cut and paste of the macro concerned.


$call$ de g0orc ok $name$ tks fb info hr rig yaesu ft101d wid 1ttw to windom up 12mtrs  - wx nw rain es 10c sohw? $call$ de $mycall$ <


Vince G0ORC



On Sun, 25 Aug 2019 at 13:32, Bob <k4cy@...> wrote:

Works as advertised for me. If there is no name and the CW Machine is sending $name$, then you probably don't have a space after $name$ in your macro. SeventyThree(s).

On August 25, 2019 at 8:04 AM Vince Shirley <vince.g0orc@...> wrote:

Hi all,


It appears the $name$ macro is broken in the CW machine - seems to work OK in MMTTY FSK but not in CW...


Anyone confirm this please?



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