IC-7300 - Setting radio keyer speed from cw machine

Heribert Lennertz

Hi all,
this is not a question or problem just "How I did it".

In support of my laziness I did not want to use the radio multi button every time I needed to change the keyer speed of my radio. I found an appropriate CI-V command to set the keyer speed and now use these macros for the cw machine:

Set radio keyer speed

to 21 wpm: $HEXCOMMAND FE FE 94 E0 14 0C 00 96 FD$

to 24 wpm: $HEXCOMMAND FE FE 94 E0 14 0C 01 12 FD$

to 27 wpm: $HEXCOMMAND FE FE 94 E0 14 0C 01 28 FD$

Now with a single F-key press I can set my radio to one of my favorite keyer speeds. According to the manual, keyer speed can be set from 00 00=6wpm to 02 55=48wpm (relates to bold numbers in macro). Enjoy fiddling...

73 Harry, M0IHT

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