Logger32 with Club Log problem ??


Hi to all.

I have the following issue-problem with the Automatic Upload to the Club Log from the N2AMG util.

When I am in FT4 and FT8 , after the QSO I am getting the following:

“”” The Club log Servers retuned the following message.”Access to this form requires a valid API key.

For more info see :https://clublog.org/need_api.php.


And when I am pressing the OK button :


There was an error in the upload process or with the uploaded file.

The contents of the   C:\Logger32|clublogUpload.adi has been transferred to C:\Logger32|ClublogNotUploaded.adi.

You will need to manually upload this file.


After this when I am trying to manually upload this file :

“ an Error has occurred I uploading your file to the club log Server.Please wait for a few minutes and try to upload again.The error info has been saved to DebugLog.txt file.




What is the wrong ?? Have I to do something that is missing from me??


Best 73’s




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