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Albert Crespo



After minimizing the CW machine, I went into the Logger 32 and opened the CW machine as an administrator and it came back. It however, will not move and cannot minimize without it disappearing again.

This suggestion is a big help as I do not need to reboot the program to get the machine back.

For years I have used the CW machine and did not have this problem.

If I open a browser  the CW machine appears. This is why I want to minimize the machine.

I will sent a picture.Albert


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> Set CW.exe to run as administrator if not.

> 73

On 2019/07/25 16:07, Albert Crespo wrote:

> Have the latest version of Logger 32 installed on two Windows 10 computers.

> When I open the program as an adminstrator , the CW machine appears but I cannot move it. If the CW machine is on top of another window, then I can move that window and just leave the CW machine alone. It functions . However, when I minimize it, it disappears and I cannot locate it. I use the find windows and it is not evident.

> I have closed the  program and restarted it, but  the same problem happens again.

> Is this a bug now with the CW machine that the window cannot be minimized?

> .


> 73 de aki

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