Re: email/SMS alert with call/band/mode list


OK Pete, let's look at the DX Spot eMail/SMS alert options instead. I've provided every imaginable option/combination/alert mechanism I could think of. How 'bout this - Right click the DX Spots Window. Click SETUP | SETUP DX SPOT ALERTS (EMAIL/SMS/SCRATCHPAD). Check the top four checkboxes. UNcheck the next three. Check ALERT BY EMAIL. Check DO NOT REPEAT THESE ALERTS. And whatever you like for the last option. This should eMail you only for need country/band/mode. SeventyThree(s).

PS. You'll still get alerts you don't want/need alerts (like a 2M DX Spot from an Italian working his neighbor), for those you need to filter bands/modes from the DX Spot window (a different subject).

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Hi Bob,


No… I mean from the DX spots window – Right Click – Setup – Audio/Prefix/Comments alert – Then the top right hand corner - edit call/band/mode list


That list is always full here – but I’m overloaded by emails if I use the other less selective options.


I tested the UDP email. That DOES work great, but not what I was looking for.


Cheers.   73’ Pete, N5KD.



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Pete, do you mean you eMail/SMS messages for need country/band/mode for decoded callsigns on the UDP BandMap? On the UDP BandMap click CONFIG and check the ENABLE SMS/EMAIL MESSAGES. SeventyThree(s).

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One of the real nice features of Logger32 (for me) is audio alerts on the call/band/mode list. That way my shack speakers can tell me to get in the shack.


At long last – since the last email trail – I have got the email alert working, but can’t find how to get emails for the call/band/mode list. Am I missing something?




73’ Pete, N5KD.




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