DX Spots Map not displaying spots.

David Leckie

Running V3.50.385

Win10 Pro 64 bit.

Telnet connected to GB7UJS and logged in OK.

In the Telnet window the DX spots are scrolling along fine.  Tab is labelled GB7UJS

DX Spots window is active and displaying the data from the Telnet window correctly.

Its also scrolling away as the DX spots come in.

So far so good.

The problem is with the DX Spots map.

Setup DX Spots is setup exactly the same as in the Help File.

Now if I go to View>Show Tracking Window the window displays OK.

If I select DX Spots it says 0 stations in 0 countries.  After 1 hour still no spots shown.

If I select IOTA it gives 0 unique Iota stations.  Now there is an EA6 and an EA8 in the DX spots window.  These being IOTA only prefixes they should show in the IOTA window?

Show all DX spots is selected.

Persistence is set to 30 minutes.

Greyline seems fine - moving slowly west as time passes.

Satellite seems fine.

Sometimes View DX causes a crash with a “Invalid Call to Procedure” message.

In previous versions of logger32 I have had this working OK but I am unsure of exactly when the issue started.

I have read the help files and searched the groups.io site but cannot see any help.

As no one else  has posted this issue it must be something to do with my setup but what?




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