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Regarding the time sync;

Right click on the Logger32 clock, select "Get atomic clock time" and click set up.

John - G7SSE

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Bob -
To be perfectly honest about it I have no idea how to set the time update.  I am using dimension 4 to set the computer time when operating FT8.  I have the date and time in the elft corner of the bottom bar ((data Terminal, Cluster, radio 1 No Rotor, etc) but that is all I see for time from logger.  This just happened after I updated to .382 and it didn't hit me until I saw the other post about it.
One other thing that i notice is no solar data and time in the lower right like there used to be, but that has been missing for quite a while.   This just may be something that has changed in my set up.
Sorry, I can't be of more help, but if you tell me where to set the option to check time on start up i will see if it is enabled.
I don't think i have ever used it.
Larry K8YYY

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