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Rick Ellison

I’m in the middle of rebuilding my PC and do not have any radio programs installed yet. In the Lookup Turn Debug on and you will get the same print out in the debuglog.txt file.

Got bite by another Microsoft Update snafu…


73 Rick


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There was a bug fix in version 3.50.381 that specifically addresses this problem.  It appears there is more work needed.  I can not duplicate the problem which is going to make it difficult to fix, so I am clutching at straws -- You say you have the cherry-picker option Clear Logbook entry when sending UDP reply checked.  Do you mean the Clear/ Enter Logbook entry when sending UDP reply option?  SeventyThree(s).

On February 23, 2019 at 12:08 AM Gary <wa3nwl@...> wrote:

I am having a difficulty with the l32lookup utility under certain conditions in L32.
1. L32 set to use external lookup, Most recent lookup and update installed. Not using the internal lookup utility.
2. Clicking on a DX spot the call enters the call entry window and the lookup performs properly
3. Running JTDX version 2, UDP bandmap open, Cherry picking options set to clear callsign entry when UDP reply sent: 
   a. when a call is selected by the cherry picker the call is entered into the call entry window the callsign lookup opens and the call entry box contains a truncated call of the callsign entered twice.
   b., the callsign lookup window opens and call is entered in duplicate in the lookup window.
   c. Example: if W3GLD is the call selected by the UDP it enters itself into the callsign lookup window in truncated form as W3GLDW3GLD.
   d. due to callsign entry duplicate error the callsign error stating not found in database is received from the XML server.
4. a single click of a call in the UDP bandmap and the call is entered and looked up normally.
I am unable to send a screen clip on this forum.

Best 73 de Gary W3GLD

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