Re: Gratitude: I'm a Logger32 user of course!

Eduardo Anjiolino - PY2MP

Tks to all developers of this excellent logger program. Logger32 is the best I always used. 
If my rig doesn't works with logger32 I sure change the rig and never change the L32. 

Really great. 
Tks. Eduardo. PY2MP. 

Em qua, 20 de fev de 2019 20:09, Dave Colliau <n8dc-8@...> escreveu:

Here I tried to suck up about a week ago and Bob gave me a rash of crap ;). Its all good though . All you guys like me that just love this program and have nothing good to say about it just remember if Bob offers you the discount ?

Great program nothing else compares in my book.

Dave N8DC

On February 20, 2019 at 12:58 PM Larry Fravel <lfravel@...> wrote:

I am a very happy for many years now.  Thank you Bob.  Your efforts (and those that help) are greatly appreciated.


Larry K8YYY




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