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On the PC that fails to show the cursor in/on the Callsign field after F11 - After the F11, type on the keyboard. Do the typed characters show in the Callsign field? SeventyThree(s).

On February 21, 2019 at 7:51 AM "Michael Harris via Groups.Io" <mike.harris@...> wrote:

G'day all,

I've noticed lately that if I enter a call in the logbook entry window
call field and subsequently clear it with F11 without logging, the
flashing cursor vanishes just leaving the call field highlighted.
Clicking anywhere on the log entry window restores it.

Not sure when I first noticed this. Certainly the past weekend of the
ARRL CW contest. Search and pounce, enter a call, decide to move on and
cancel it with F11, no cursor in the call field. Caught me out a few
times. If I clear a call by back spacing all is normal.

The PC is running Win7 and L32 v3.50.381

My backup netbook running v3.50.370 behaves normally, that is, clear a
call with F11 and the flashing cursor remains visible in the active call

This might just be my main PC, it exhibits a few oddities these days.


Mike VP8NO

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