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Michael Harris

Hi Bob,

All noted. Now the good news.

I tried the recalc route. No deal. OK, just in case I had broken something I bit the bullet and shifted the Logger32 folder to a safe place and did a fresh install. After much time messing about, still no deal. Educational though.

I went through the report file from LoTW and didn't find a single match for the run period, uh, never happens! I upload my LoTW file produced by L32 manually with TQSL and always see the message telling me the file is queued for processing and I can close TQSL, so it must have got there OK.

Now, I've had the occasional request to match via LoTW only to see that I had already uploaded. After repeating the upload all was OK. And the same applied in this case. After manually re flagging 50 QSO and insisting that TQSL upload the dupes. Fresh download of the LoTW report, ahh, harmony restored in the house of VP8NO. All highlights in place.

Now if only there was an answer to the mysterious CNTY problem that keeps shunting ADIFs into the BAD.ADI file.


Mike VP8NO

On 19/12/2018 12:44, Bob wrote:
If this is LoTW sync by ADIF file, then it is quite possibly a bug that I have introduced prior to the last auto-update. Since the release I have found/fixed a couple of LoTW sync problems. A simple recalc of stats should put everything back in order.
Work on the Logger32 internals will continue into mid 2019. The software is now in the order of 1M lines of code, far in excess of the original concept. To compound problems, the nature of ham radio and logging has fundamentally changed. All of which continues to stress the ancient architecture … it's sort of like converting the Colosseum in Rome into an IMAX movie theatre.

On December 19, 2018 at 10:14 AM "Michael Harris via Groups.Io" <mike.harris@...> wrote:


Not the best subject line but I hope what follows is better.

Yesterday morning 18th Dec I uploaded a short QSO run to LoTW. The
digital guys are pretty keen and there are usually matches waiting.
Waited a few minutes and downloaded the file from LoTW and sure enough
there were matches. Ran the synchronise LoTW from ADIF all went OK and
the corresponding lines in the logbook window highlighted as matched.

Later that evening I had a run of 50Q FT8 and as usual uploaded to LoTW.
Gave it time to be digested and checked, sure enough, a good number of
matches. Downloaded the file from LoTW and ran the normal sych routine.

This seemed to run normally, including indicating three that were
shunted into the BAD.ADI file. This is usually a CNTY problem and I
delete the CNTY info save and rename the file, re synch and all is well.

Curiously NONE of QSO were highlighted, the LOTW_QSO_RCVD flag was not
set to Y.

Two things.

First, during the initial synch routine of reading the LoTW match file
there was a brief flash of a message box, something to do with an error
which was corrected.

Secondly, upon shutting down and relaunching L32 the logbook page
briefly flashes with QSL highlight for the "missing" matches before
reverting to unmatched.

If I manually enter Y in the LOTW_QSO_RCVD column that QSO highlights as
matched as normal and sticks.

I have copied my logbook ADIF onto another PC and the same problem
occurs. I have opened and closed L32 frequently since this problem
surfaced and consequently none of the none of the backup files predate it.

I'm wondering how best to track down the problem which looks like a log
corruption of some sort.


Mike VP8NO

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