Re: Lost CAT Connection in FT8

Jim Hargrave


You can setup the radio for JT configuration when you open JT and have it revert to normal when you close JT. It’s all covered in section 5 of the UDP  bandmap in the latest Logger32 help file posted this week..


It’s a work in progress. More capability is forthcoming in the next autoupdate.


Jim – w5ifp-


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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Lost CAT Connection in FT8


Thats great information Jim. I didnt realize this was happening :).

I had a logging Issue this morning and got that figured out and now I will try running from the UDP window and see what the cat port does. Bob keep up the great work.

Dave N8DC

On November 10, 2018 at 9:10 AM Jim Hargrave <w5ifp@...> wrote:


Having a separate Logger32ini for JTDX/WSJT is no longer necessary. Bob has integrated the 2 programs.

You can open/close the JT programs from the UDP Bandmap.

By setting Logger32 to receive frequency from JT, Logger32 will close the radio cat  port, shifting CAT to the JT program.


I would highly recommend you download the latest Logger32 Help file and go through the latest setup recommendations. Aki has done a tremendous job of documenting the JT setup.


Jim – w5ifp-


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Subject: [hamlogger] Lost CAT Connection in FT8


Hi All


I’m puzzled with this.


I have two configurations of Logger (2nd INI file), one for SSB,CW and RTTY etc, and another that runs with WSJT for FT8.

When I tried to run FT8 today the CAT wont connect to either HF or VHF and WSJT throws up the Reconfigure radio window!


Nothing has changed here, if I try to run my standard Logger 32 session it sees the rigs fine and so does N1MM so I know the settings are good and they are identical in the L32/WSJT configuration.

As soon as I open the WSJT window the re-config radio window opens!!


Has something changed in the linking of the two programs? Has anyone else seen this problem?










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