Re: Lost CAT Connection in FT8

Dave Colliau

Thats great information Jim. I didnt realize this was happening :).

I had a logging Issue this morning and got that figured out and now I will try running from the UDP window and see what the cat port does. Bob keep up the great work.

Dave N8DC

On November 10, 2018 at 9:10 AM Jim Hargrave <w5ifp@...> wrote:


Having a separate Logger32ini for JTDX/WSJT is no longer necessary. Bob has integrated the 2 programs.

You can open/close the JT programs from the UDP Bandmap.

By setting Logger32 to receive frequency from JT, Logger32 will close the radio cat  port, shifting CAT to the JT program.


I would highly recommend you download the latest Logger32 Help file and go through the latest setup recommendations. Aki has done a tremendous job of documenting the JT setup.


Jim – w5ifp-


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Hi All


I’m puzzled with this.


I have two configurations of Logger (2nd INI file), one for SSB,CW and RTTY etc, and another that runs with WSJT for FT8.

When I tried to run FT8 today the CAT wont connect to either HF or VHF and WSJT throws up the Reconfigure radio window!


Nothing has changed here, if I try to run my standard Logger 32 session it sees the rigs fine and so does N1MM so I know the settings are good and they are identical in the L32/WSJT configuration.

As soon as I open the WSJT window the re-config radio window opens!!


Has something changed in the linking of the two programs? Has anyone else seen this problem?









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