Re: WSJT-X on top of Logger32

Jeff Wilson <jjw5257@...>

If you can manage it, 2 monitors is the way to go!  I got a refurbished Win7 desktop with i7 processor and 8 gig ram for under $400 CDN then another $150 for 500 watt power supply and graphics card that supports 3 monitors.  Ham radio heaven with two 22 in monitors ($20 each at a thrift store!) and one 32 in 1080i TV/monitor ($170 at WalMart).

So I have Logger32 on one screen and drag the UDP bandmap to the big screen which also has WSJT-X running FT8.  Then I use the 3rd monitor when I have the SDRPlay running as my Panadaptor for my old FT-1000mp or just use it for full screen gray line map  (Simon's Map or the L32 tracking map). Love it.
73 Jeff

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