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Gary Hinson

Another approach is to ‘consolidate’ the statistics for all the digimodes into one column, using the menu that appears when you right-click the worked-confirmed window:



Likewise with the phone modes (e.g. AM, DSB and SSB QSOs all count as phone).


A disadvantage of deleting modes from the ‘Bands and modes’ is that you will no longer be able to log QSOs on those modes if your interests change (e.g. if a rare DXpedition ONLY uses some obscure digimode?).  If you don’t care, go ahead.  Make my day.



Gary   ZL2iFB


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That is correct and is the proper way to do it :)

73 Villi


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I believe changing Y to N in the Stats column will also remove them from the Worked confirmed window.







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On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 02:57 PM, Gerald Boutin wrote:

Deleting them from "Tools > Setup Bands and Modes" will get rid of them

Worked, thanks.

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