Re: Import Log From N1MM

Vilhjalmur Sigurjonsson


I do not know about any other way than revert to a previous version of your log, add the state field to the N1MM file and import it again.


Keep backups frequently, you can even configure the import procedure to backup automatically before importing (it is in the backup menu under configure)

The order of the fields in the adif file is not important, you can have the text editor look for a string that you know to be in every entry and add your missing „<STATE:2>NY“ to it. E.g. search for „<BAND“ and replace with „<STATE:2>NY <BAND“

73 Villi


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Subject: [hamlogger] Import Log From N1MM


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Just completed the NYQP and when I import the log from N1MM+ the state field is blank. N1MM has the state listed under Section. Is there a way to import the log and have the state included in Logger32? And I assume I will need to delete my logbook files and import my backup log to get it back to where it was prior to the NYQP import I already did. 

Jim K2QB

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