Gerald Boutin

On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 07:01 AM, Gary Hinson wrote:

OK Gerald.

The exceptions from Club Log are simply listed against the DXCC country code 000 meaning “Not valid for DXCC”, in the Country database maintenance function:

It’s tedious but straightforward to select each one and delete it, if you want …. But they are there for good reason, namely to cut down on typos, busted calls, busted spots and pirates. 


I understand how it is being implemented, but removing over 2,000 entries by hand is not practical. Not only that, they would reappear if I ever wanted to do a log review using Clublog info.

Having a list of known retired callsigns is only a tiny percentage of the millions of callsigns that aren't in the Clublog database, so I can't agree that this is of much use in L32.

Gerald, VE1DT

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