Switching between more than 2 radios

John, G4DRS

I am fortunate enough to have 4 HF radios, each of which I connect to Logger32 at times.
I tend to leave Radio 1 set as is and change the settings of radio 2 to whichever of the other 3 I wish to use at the time.
I use a YCCC SO2R+ box, which handles the distribution of mic, key, receive audio and PTT between up to 4 radios.

My question is, am I missing a trick? Is there a way to somehow save the Logger32 settings for Radio 1 and Radio 2 so that I can recall them as and when I want to, rather than adjusting settings in Setup, Radio, Radio 2 piecemeal each time?

I suspect there is probably a nifty way to accomplish this, but that I just haven't worked it out yet.

Any suggestions welcomed.



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