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I recently did an up date to my DXCC/LOTW.  After the totals were showing I manually went through to check to see if all contacts credited were showing as confirmed in my log.  There were a few that I had missed and for those I went to the logbook screen and changed the “N” to “y” to show contact was confirmed in my log.  Again, I’m stating that every contact was cross checked.  The problem is that for some reason the totals at the bottom of each band do not match the confirmed totals of LOTW.  The callsign at the bottom of the logger screen shows my call K0JGH as would my call with LOTW. I show the

most total confirms used the QSL&LOTW QSLs option.  I am comparing total confirmed on both screens.  I am finding that for some of these that I have

changed to “Y” the line in the log screen does not turn red.  Here is one more screenshot.  Note the 3C6A on 10M shows confirmed red on totals page,

shows red on previous QSO’s page.


Somehow the QSL RCVD “N” to”Y” doesn’t seem to be giving change from yellow to red.  I think this may be a source of the issue.

Thanks again for your help.






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NO what that screen you sent is used for your log book layout and positions of the columns

Again what are the differences and your estimated quantity of error and what are you comparing?, please be as specific as you can

73 Ron W4LDE


On Jun 26, 2018, at 1:02 PM, Glen and Pam Kesselring <kesselring73@...> wrote:

As I reported, I went through a comparison of all Q’s in LOTW and compared to Logger.  Since they are all showing with a  “Y” in Logger it would

seem that somehow they are not getting counted in the totals on the logger stats columns.  Some time ago I compared them and got them to sync

but haven’t been able to figure it out now.  Would the settings in the grid layout make a difference? I’m using<B75FEE149E6248BEAB3B69107BAE6E41.jpg>


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I think that the group can use some more information before suggesting where the problem may be.

What kind of a difference are you seeing and on what mode, SSB, CW, Digital are you comparing.

I have over 17000 QSO's logged in LOTW with roughly 40% confirmed and recently checked the web site to my L32 record and only saw one error.  The LOTW site was correct since it was a FT8 QSO I had checked as confirm.  Should have been a EQSL and so it was my error.

Has your errors been on going?, just started? any additional info may help all of us in aiding you.

When looking at your L32 awards table make sure your comparing the same table from LOTW, ex, both set to same mode.

73 de Ron W4LDE


On 6/26/2018 11:22 AM, Glen and Pam Kesselring wrote:

I have completely reviewed my log against my recent totals confirmed with LOTW/ARRL totals.  I have all in my log showing confirmed but

the numerical  totals are not correct.  The logbook page has a “Y” in both sent and received columns.  Is there something I’m missing that

is not allowing these totals to come through as they should?  Also, I have done a recalculate statistics.


Thanks for the help

Glen  K0JGH


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