No CAT for Yaesu FT1000mp with SDR Console V3 and SDRPlay rsp2 and Logger32. But SDRuno works!

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Sorry if I sent this twice...can't find it in sent or drafts.....

Help.....I cannot get SDR Console V3 software to work with my SDRPlay rsp2 SDR receiver and Yaesu FT-1000MP and Logger32. Yes I know my rig is 1995 vintage, but please read on. I thought the new SDRConsole V3 release would solve my SDR External Radio problem, but nada.

So now my can I get SDR Console V3 software to communicate with Logger32 and my SDR similar to using SDRuno software? What have I missed?

I have tried the recommended Kenwood TS-2000 protocol settings in OmniRig, but it seems the FT-1000MP is always out of the loop. In the External Radio ? Window I always get Port Busy status for the radio (Kenwood TS-2000 or FT-1000mp when tried) using COM 1, 10 , or 11 at 4800 or 56700 baud and 1 or 2 stop bits. Ran out of permutations to try.  I cannot get SDRConsole V3 to communicate with Logger32 like it does with Ham Radio Deluxe.  Apparently HDR has more available settings than Logger32.  I have even tried rebooting the computer after each port change.  Still nada.

In my current shack setup listed below I can use SDRuno software with Logger32 and WSJT-X for perfect FT-1000mp communication between all programs and the SDRPlay rsp2 SDR receiver.


SDRuno to Yaesu FT-1000mp CAT Settings:


Lenovo with 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7-3770 and 8 gig RAM running Windows 7 64bit

Real RS-232 COM Ports: 1,2,3,4  (LAVA 2 serial port card installed)

vspManager: COM 10+11 virtual serial port pair

VB Virtual Audio Cables


Rig to Computer Interface Used: RigBlaster pro (must be powered ON for FT8 transmission to work)

CAT on COM 1 (real)

CW on COM 4 (real)

FSK RTTY on COM 5 (RTTY jack on FT-1000mp)

These port assignments work for both Logger32 and N1MM Logger PTT operation (non SDR use).


OmniRig Settings:

Rig: Yaesu FT-1000mp (Note: Kenwood TS-2000 setting will not work here!)

COM: 1 (real)

Baud: 4800

Data bits: 8

Stop bits: 2

Parity: None

Poll Rate (ms): 100

Timeout (ms): 100


SDRuno Settings:

Main Window SETT:

ORIG: FT-1000MP online

INPUT: WME Input Device: Cable Output (VB Audio)

RX Control Window SETT:


Baud: 57600

Enable & Connect: checked

OUT: Speakers (High Definition Audio)


Logger 32 Radio Settings:

Use Radio 1

Radio 1: Kenwood (TS-2000 protocol needed here)

COM: 11

Baud: 57600

Data bits: 8

Stop bits: 1

Parity: None

Poll Rate (ms): 100

CTS/RTS setting: no options checked


WSJT-X Settings for FT8

Radio: OmniRig


PTT Port: COM: 4 (real, assigned for CW)

UDP Settings work well to log FT8 contacts into Logger32.


So frustrated....any suggestions will be appreciated. I will post this to the SDRPlay and SDR-radio groups as well. Sorry for the bandwidth! Hopefully my information will be helpful to someone out there.




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