Re: Flex 6600M Interface ?

Dave Colliau

May I ask about rig control. I have looked thru the 6600m manual and I dont see any real CIV type commands for this rig. At least not like Icom or Kenwood although the commands I can use for a TS-2000 are limited. I am looking close at one of the M model flex rigs.

Thanks and 73

Dave N8DC

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For a number of reasons, I decided to upgrade my radio computer from Windows 7 (with over 200 Security Updates!) to a fresh copy of Windows 10.  Performance much better.  Also, the two slices from my 6600M now show up as Com 9 and Com 10. Logger32 is now happy and both slices now show up as Radio 1 and Radio 2 with rig control working fine.


Al, K0AD

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Should work fine.  I am using the 6400M here with no problems.  Are your com ports defined in SmartSDR CAT as 29 and 30?
You can define the radio in Logger32 as an Kenwood radio or PowerSDR.   I have not used N1MM Plus so not sure about the 2 ports you have defined.  Just email me directly if you have any questions.   k4jaf AT

From: Alan Dewey via Groups.Io
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2018 10:33 AM
Subject: [hamlogger] Flex 6600M Interface ?

Has anyone successfully interface the Flex 6600M to HamLogger?  I cannot get it to work.

Both my computer and my Flex are plugged to my Comcast Router.  The two slices in the Flex were assigned Com29 and Com30.  N1MM Plus works fine with these Com Ports (.i.e 29 and 30) and allows me to configure the CAT interface just fine.

However, when I close N1MM and start Logger32, I get a "Invalid Port number: Comm Port 30"  (or 29) when I try to configure the radio in Logger32.

I am using Win7 and Logger32 Version 3.50.356.

Any suggestions?  I have been using Logger32 for many years with ICOM and Yaesu radios.  I would hate to have to switch at this point.


Al, K0AD

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