Re: IC-7610 Setup

Dave Colliau

I will be back in town Tuesday and I have a good set up for Logger 32 and the 7610 . Using the 7800 works as well as the 7600 ot 7700 but the CIV commands need to be changed to make the qsy,s on dx spots control the rig correctly. Part of my command set includes qsy on spot with split and dual watch enabled and also making vfo B the main vfo for finding that hole in the pileup to transmit . Just the qsy and split made no sense to me even with dual watch on if I couldnt automatically be in control of where I wanted to try to send at . Minimum button button pushing is what  I was after.  The CIV commands do differ from rig to rig. I will upload a full cheat sheet this week .
Dave N8DC

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