Re: New Update for L32LogSync

Rick Ellison

I will have to look at HamQTH and see what it takes but it shouldn’t be a problem…


73 Rick N2AMG


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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] New Update for L32LogSync


Hi Rick, thnaks for your work!


¿What do you think about add HamQTH upload and realtime features?



06.04.2018, 08:21, "Rick Ellison" <rellison@...>:

No do not add a space to the name. I have removed the space as on some OS's
it causes the new update routines to not work correctly. Change your entries
in the L32 Utility menu that you have created. The name of the app is

When I make changes and post the file to the website the program will detect
the update is on the site and let you know there is an update available.
When you tell it to download it will download the updates and install them
for you. When testing this and switching languages some of the Russian based
and Chinese languages would not find the file to replace if it contained a
space. Thus I made the change.

73 Rick N2AMG

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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] New Update for L32LogSync

Hi Rick
Warning, there is no space on the name of the file between l32 and logsync.
Change it in the zip please.

If some people use the update before Rick correct it, add a space of it will
stay in .1.


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From: Rick Ellison
Sent: Friday, April 6, 2018 3:22 AM
Subject: [hamlogger] New Update for L32LogSync

I have uploaded a new version to my website. This is an update only for the
.exe file. Open the zip after downloading it and unzip the file contents
into the install directory where you have installed L32LogSync.

This version has fixes for a bunch of bugs including eQSL and ClubLog. Also
for the TQSL path error.

73 Rick N2AMG







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