Re: New Update for L32LogSync

daniel lavocat <F6FLU@...>


WARNING : with the 2.0.1 version the name is L32 LogSync.exe

The 2.0.2 Version is : L32LogSync.exe (without the space character)

On the site Web the Title is " Current version : 2.0.1" but the current version is : 2.0.2



Daniel Lavocat

F6KOP Team #1277

UFT #1277
CDXC #1632   DXCC CW #13586 

6 avril 2018 à 03:22
I have uploaded a new version to my website. This is an update only for the
.exe file. Open the zip after downloading it and unzip the file contents
into the install directory where you have installed L32LogSync.

This version has fixes for a bunch of bugs including eQSL and ClubLog. Also
for the TQSL path error.

73 Rick N2AMG

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