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Dave Colliau

But you have provisions rigth on the menu to save the settings rather than mess around with the whole folder ? you can zip the users files or the database and logbook.

Dave N8DC

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Once you have Logger32 installed and set up as you wish on one of the computers make a copy of the directory folder.

Install Logger32 on each of the other computers and once installed replace the directory folder with the copy.


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I'm trying to set up a number of computers to be used at my club with Logger32 and would like them to be configured in the same way I know that some settings (com ports etc) are going to need updating but I would like the other settings to be as similar as possible.

Is there a method of transferring the settings of an installation of Logger32 to another installaion, or a document detailing what individual files need to be copied?

Stephen (G8LYB)



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