Re: L32 LogSync and LOTW Problem

Dave Colliau

Still not working here either. Lotw just hangs.. I wont have time to look at mine until later today.

Another Dave :)

Dave N8DC

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Look in the folder where you installed the program. Is there a file called ErrorLog.txt?? If so send that to me. Also if you would Turn Debug on then close the program and reopen it. Now try clicking the LOTW checkbox and when it crashes also send me the DebugLog.txt that was created.


Thanks and 73 Rick n2AMG


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Hi All,


I have installed LogSync but i am unable to enable the LOTW Utility from the Program Setup menu. If i tick the box LogSync crashes. I can quite hapily tick the eQSL, ClubLog, Website Upload, and Utility boxes and then i can proceed to the next screens to enter my details but as soon as i try and enable the LOTW Utility LogSync crashes. It does not allow me to proceed to its setup screen.


I have been running the previous version without any problems at all.


Any ideas or suggestions as i have tried this now on two computers with exactly the same results.


Both computers running Windows 7 Professional.


73 de Dave GW8SZL






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