Logbook page questions

George M

Hi all,

I am new to this group and to Logger32.
Have used it for a couple of weeks now and I like it very much.
Not quite familiar with all the features of the app, just using for now some basic functionality.

Am running a Windows7 OS on a 64 bit machine and Logger 32 version is 3.30.351.

I have some questions for the group. maybe somebody can help me with and answer:
A.   When I am looking at the "Loogbook page", I can move up and down through it using the wheel
      on my mouse. 
      I can do the same clicking on the UP/DOWN buttons on the vertical slide bar. All good.
      I can also use PAGE UP/DOWN and move through the records page by page, all good also!
     But... UP and DOWN arrows on the keyboard are not operational at all. I would have expected 
     those to also work and move up or down record by record, as the wheel does.
  Is here something that I am doing wrong, or the installation of the app is not correct ??

B. Also Logbook page related...
    The default page is the one showing the latest QSO-s with an empty raw at the bottom, as it
    If I click on a row, is highlighted in yellow.
    At this moment the UP/DOWN arrows will start working to move the highlighted line up or down,
    but the wheel is not working any more.
    Using the UP arrow I can navigate up in the log.
    But... if I use the DOWN arrow, as soon as the highlighted raw gets at the bottom of the page
    before the empty line, with one more DOWN arrow press will jump directly to the last Q in the
    log, instead to the next old entry in the log as I would expect and as it does when using the UP
C. If I use the vertical side slider to move up or down, will reset the highlighted line. Same if I use
    Just wanted to get any opinion if this is the way it operates, or I should reinstall the app???

    Any advise will be appreciated, thanks for your help.

    Best 73,
                   George  N2GM    

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