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Rick Ellison


Check your username and password for ClubLog. An error 403 is a credentials issue. Also see the message I sent to Dan above this one that talks about the password….


73 Rick n2AMG


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@Rick : I always have this error :

01/04/2018 13:53:30 - Error- Main.ClubLogRealtimeUpload
 =Error Report=
Le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (403) Interdit.
   à System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   à L32LogSync.Main.ClubLogRealtimeUpload()
 =Error Report End=
The other system to Website and HRDLog are right

And the first Pb is about installation :
I want to install in C:\Ham\L32LogSync

I select this folder but the installation is always done in C:\L32LogSync



dimanche 1 avril 2018 10:08


Hello Rick,

dimanche 1 avril 2018 05:25


If you have downloaded the file before reading this file please download the
zip file again and extract both files. One file was missing from the zip
file and it has now been replaced...

73 Rick N2AMG

dimanche 1 avril 2018 01:51


I have now posted the new application that is taking the place of the old
LOTW-eQSl utility.
It's new name is called L32 LogSync.

In order to continue using ClubLog after tomorrow you will need to remove
the LOTW-eQSL utility and install the new application. All of the controls
in this application are all .net compatible controls which will make it
compatible with Windows 7 and above. Windows XP is no longer able to use the
SSL connections in ClubLog and Other services as they are finished so it is
no longer supported.

There is still work being done on this application but with the need to
update for the changes at ClubLog I have all of the required features
completed. I will release updates as I complete sections.
I expect you to find some bugs or something that doesn't look right. When
you stumble across one of these what I would like you to do is turn Debug On
and repeat the same thing you had done previously to make the bug happen.
After doing so You can turn debug off and in the directory where the
application is installed you will find one or 2 files. They are DebugLog.txt
and Errorlog.txt. Please send them to me in a direct email so I can find
where the problem is happening in. Also please describe the bug as you see
it and possibly how to duplicate it.

You can download the full installer at :
Click on the L32 LogSync link on the left.

73 Rick N2AMG




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