Re: Winsock cannot connect

Larry Fravel

Here is a thought. I don’t write code or do any kind of programming, but something in logger32 calls up and initializes winsock and the cluster window., more than likely the cluster window and the  out to Windows to call up winsock.  If that particular line or lines was somehow corrupted it could be the problem. I am just guessing but to me that line would be in the logger .ini file.  If anyone can verify this then my only choice would be to reinstall logger, go with the bare ini file and reset all the rest of the program up again so that it works the same as before.  That is one hell of a lot of work to do. 
If anyone out there can confirm – or deny – this is how it works it would help.
Larry K8YYY
"Never interrupt some one doing something you said couldn't be done"
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