Re: Minor problem.

Larry Fravel

Jim -
Thanks for the quick reply.  Just checked the properties for the Comm Ports in Device manager and there is no way to check for Sleep.  Even under the power setting Tab I found. I did however find that the speed was set to max for send and RX on the ports and there was a hint  that if there were connection difficulties to drop the speed so I “throttled it back to about 3/4 setting.  Hopefully this will help.  Using “latest and greatest” flavor of Win 10 64 bit on a high end Asus desktop.  This machine was a complete problem to get the update to even install.  Took it five times of locking up and then rolling back to the previous version before it would even take,  If it wasn’t such a pain in the butt I would role back to Win 7 on everyone of my computers.  I think Win 10 could be great for cellphones and tablets but has no place on  a real computer.  Just my opinion. 
Larry K8YYY 
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