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Michael Harris


I have usually updated the country/prefix database manually. I like to keep control and not outsource my log.

If I try to add the specific call sign <3Y0Z> a error message pops up:

"<3Y0Z> appears to be a prefix Not accepted by DXCC"

Just for a sanity check I picked on Conway Reef and added the specific call <3D2Z> which worked OK identifying as prefix 3D2&#92;C when entering it in the Log Entry window. Removing <3D2Z> resulted in it not being recognised as Conway Reef.

I conclude there is a problem manually entering <3Y0Z>, the <> brackets are not correctly identifying a specific call as opposed to a prefix in this case. Bug or is it just me?


Mike VP8NO

On 10/01/2018 10:48, 'Jim Hargrave' w5ifp@... [hamlogger] wrote:
I’m not sure I understand your problem.
You can manually cheat the system by updating your database to accept anything you desire. See the help file.
The reality is that 3Y0Z is not currently active TODAY and any exception will most likely result in a rejected QSO.
No one said Club Log was perfect, however it is the most accurate and complete database on the planet. For this reason Logger32 incorporated the ability for users to automatically keep their individual database current. What you do with it is your option.
73, Jim – w5ifp@...
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Thinking about it... so if I don't activate the automatic update from Clublog I cannot update my list of countries?
If so, the thing is really special
73's de Lenio - Iz5ILJ - #69.
Il 09/01/2018 23:49, Gary@... <mailto:Gary@...> [hamlogger] ha scritto:
If someone signing 3Y0Z turns up on the bands today, it is almost certainly a pirate.
We can still work them if we choose to do so (WFWL) but the chances of the QSO being valid for DXCC are as remote as Bouvet.
You can manually define 3Y0Z as an acceptable callsign for Bouvet today if you really want to, or change the DXCC allocation on any 3Y0Z QSOs already in your log to show Bouvet, but Club Log is clever enough to wait until the team scrambles out of the helicopters onto the island.
The callsign will also become invalid again for any QSOs made after the team has clambered back into the chopper and left the island … but all the valid 3Y0Z QSOs we have hopefully made and logged while they were there will remain valid as Bouvet QSOs. The DXCC country allocation rules in Logger32 do not affect QSOs we have previously logged: they determine how the country is identified as we are spotting and logging stations.
So, the answer is to QRX. Run the Club Log exceptions updater thing daily as normal. It will, of course, include 3Y0Z in due course.
Gary ZL2iFB
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It is NOT valid until the date they start operation! The start date depends on the weather and many other factors!
73 Rick
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On Tue, Jan 9, 2018 at 5:36, IZ5ILJ - Lenio iz5ilj@... <mailto:iz5ilj@...> [hamlogger]
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Hi, I've this problem and also if I add it always looks the same.
Loading the Clublog exceptions 3y0z is still Not accepted fo DXCC.
How is it possible to solve the problem?
73's de Lenio - Iz5ILJ - #69.
Posted by: "Jim Hargrave" <w5ifp@...>
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