log search question

Larry Fravel

Is there any way to do a log search with a wild card?  That is say */KL7 vs KL7.  The WAS stats show that I have KL7 worked on 160 which is the only state I still need for 160 WAS.  I have tried all the usual searches with AL, KL7, NL7,  and WL7 in the main logging window and looking at the results in the Previous QSOs window with no 160 results.  This means it was more than likely someone working portable when I got them and more than a good chance it was contest operation. I also know by choosing which call sign to search that it was under a previous call – N4SEA.  I was a very serious contester in those days and there are probably at least 9 to 10 K worth of QSOs to search through on an individual basis.  If there is a wildcard search solution some one please let me know.
Larry K8YYY
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