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That did it.



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Delete the .chi file

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Help file help needed.
Using 3.50.338
I tried looking up the aforementioned help: Misc |The UDP band map
It was not listed under Misc.
I then saw that my .chm file was dated 2014
Downloaded & unzipped the newer help file, now when I try to open the help
file,(from within Logger 32)
I get a msg stating that my .chm & .chi files don't match.
Any ideas how to correct my operator error?
BTW: Many thanks to Bob & the whole development team for all the time &
effort they put into this wonderful program.

73 de N2TBP Mike

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See: Logger32 help file (English version)

Misc | The UDP Band Map

Latest version available at: Support files.

73, Jim - w5ifp@...

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Running the risk of being a real dweeb here but in real simple terms what is
a UDP socket?

Bill AD8P

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Posted by: "Jim Hargrave"

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