Re: Logger32 Auto-update 339

Terry N4TB <tabn4tb@...>

I agree, version .337 worked great and made working FT8 much more enjoyable. Being able to click on a call in the band map to see if you had worked them before was really useful.

73 Terry N4TB

On 11/7/2017 17:17, VE6LB ve6lb@... [hamlogger] wrote:


I understand Bob's point and frustration. We seldom give him positive feedback as he implements feature we like and use. His reaction is understandable.

Maybe we need to give him and the development team some positive feedback when we like what is being offered. How else do the know that their hard work is worthwhile?

73, Gerry VE6LB

On 11/7/2017 10:07 AM, Ron Rushton g6ga@... [hamlogger] wrote:

Yes personally one complaint from one amateur is not enough to justify the
Removal of a facility that helps Logger 32 users change your mind about this Bob
keep the people that use the facility happy keep the program going from strength
to strength .

73 Ron G6GA


73, Gerry VE6LB/VA6XDX
9BDXCC & #1 HR
DXCC Card Checker- Southern Alberta
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