Re: VK9 problem

Michael Harris

Adding VK9/M0VFC in database country/prefix doesn't fix it either. It used to be possible. There was another instance of this sort of thing recently, can't remember the detail, but it had to be fixed with a full prefix synchronisation from Club Log.

Personally, I don't mind all the "click, click" stuff. How many times has the list been flooded with issues relating to automatic stuff, QRZ.COM being a prime example.

I upload to LoTW immediately I've completed a run of anything just using the L32 tools and TQSL, no big deal.

I'm retired so I guess the odd 30s here or there in a day isn't an issue.


Mike VP8NO

On 05/11/2017 03:34, steve@... [hamlogger] wrote:
Problem with Logger32 on VK9 spots and log entries.
VK9/M0VFC spots and logs as Melish Reef - but it's actually Norfolk Island
VK9MA spot and logs as Melish Reef too, and it really is. My understanding
is that the M as in VK9M denotes Melish.
It was only thanks to the CLublog upload that I spotted that my VK9/M0VFC
QSO was incorrectly logged.
73 de Steve G1XOW
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