Winsock problems with clusters

Larry Fravel

I am still having problems with Windows Winsock and getting the cluster window to connect at all.  Don’t believe this problem is a logger on but a Windows one.  Winsock is used for communications for TCP/IP and dates back at least Win 95.  I have tried all the ways listed on the web to reset it but they don’t work.  I cannot connect to any of the multiple clusters I have on my list.  I keep getting the error message Winsock cannot connect in it’s current state or something very close.  This is happening on both computers I use for logger. The main one is Win 10 64 bit I 7, 12 gigs Ram and the other is Win 10 64 bit, I 5, 8 gig Ram.  No other problems on either machine.  Has anyone had a similar problem and found how to cure it?  Really need those spots back.\
Larry K8YYY
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