Re: wsjt-x QSO log import into L32

Michael Harris

This is all getting too complicated.

I've created a simple batch file called from the L32 Utilities menu that MOVES the wsjtx_log.adi file to the folder where my downloads go. From there I simply use the L32 File > "Import Logs" menu option to absorb it into my main log.

By moving the wsjtx_log.adi a new one is created each wsjtx session thus no dupes imported.

I always upload any FT8 run to LoTW when I've finished. Currently at a 76% match rate.

I also auto run a batch file, from the Utilities menu, on L32 start up to copy my latest L32 shut down backup files to an external HDD.


Mike VP8NO

On 16/10/2017 16:43, 'John Munton' JOHNG7SSE@... [hamlogger] wrote:
You could try using the ADIF Filter program available from here:
Have it filter your WSJT-X log by date based on the last qso in your Logger32 log.
This will produce a filtered ADI file of only new qso's which you can then import into Logger32.
You would of cause have to do this every time prior to import.
If you do try the program you may need to add FT8 and JT9 to its ADIF modes list.

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