Re: JA confirmations LoTW


Dear Aki Hi.

In my case it is a bit different . see below:


Logger32 (Version 3.50) LOTW Sync exception(s).

Source file - c:\users\sv1vs-ham\desktop\lotwreport.adi

Created 12 Sep 17, 16:42


Error in the CNTY field:  SV1VSSV1VS236GREECECurrent2028<MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>KM18XFJH6VXP6MJT65DATA20170621044100Y20170802339JAPANCurrentJH6Y2545AS-007PM53RO44<CNTY:4>4410

And it is not the only one.

All the QSO from JA has the same problem with the field.

Best 73






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Sorry but please ignore my previous post.  I will check this tomorrow.

73 de aki  ja1nlx

---In hamlogger@..., <mike.harris@...> wrote :

Hi Aki,

Thanks for that, very interesting. So the big question is where is the
CNTY field being corrupted with the extra 01, at the JA upload or is
LoTW the cause?


Mike VP8NO

On 12/09/2017 10:14, ayoshida@... [hamlogger] wrote:
> Mike
> It should be 0101
> 73 de aki ja1nlx
> ---In hamlogger@..., <mike.harris@...> wrote :
> Good day,
> For a while now as far as I can tell every JA LoTW confirmation is
> resulting in a BAD.ADI report stating an error in the CNTY field:
> Error in the CNTY field:
> [Snip]
> 30M10.13683FT8DATA20170911
> 230315Y<QSLRDATE:8>20170911339JAPAN
> AS-078QN02QX010101
> I normally just strip off the STATE and CNTY info save and reimport and
> all is well. Anyone else seeing this?
> Regards,
> Mike VP8NO

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