Re: Cannot export Files to LoTW and eQSL


Thanks to everyone for the many suggestions.  I decided to uninstall/reinstall. 

First, I copied the entire Loger32 folder into a new one named "Logger32 Save" as backup if something went wrong. 

I then went to the Logger32 website and downloaded the program again.  The screens in the downloaded program were in the default formats, as expected.  Then I opened the program in the "Logger32 Save" folder to copy the .INI files to the new downloaded folder in order to reformat the screens.   But first I decided to try the "Export LoTW file" again ... to my surprise it worked!  Not sure why.  Maybe copying the files to another folder did something.  It also works in the newly downloaded program.  I then copied the .INI files to the newly downloaded program and all screens were restored to the configurations I had before all this happened.

So I'm back in action!

Thanks again to all for your suggestions and comments.

This is a great logging program and I'm very thankful to those responsible for keeping it updated.

73  Tony  KU4NY

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