PSK Q's nolonger show as confirmed


I'm not sure how far back in the updates these issues began.  First, my digital modes confirmed is off from what was a full match up with LOTW.  Everyone of 8 Q's missing were PSK31 that no longer appear as confirmed in my stats.  These contacts are showing confirmed in my log however. Also, I had my country/mode chart setup as:   ssb-dig-cw  All dig contacts were thrown together.  Now each mode has somehow migrated into separate columns of:  ssb-rtty-jt65-psk-cw. 
Also, it seems that the jt65 and maybe other digital modes have acquired a color code alert in the dx spot
window.  Nice... but I didn't set it to do that I don't believe.
Any help on how to fix what wasn't broken?
Glen K0JGH

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