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You need to setup Logger32 to Automatically flag Imported QSOs for LOTW file export.

See the setup process outlined in the Help file: “Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting” Par 1.13

Since you already added the QSOs, follow the above process as a onetime submittal, LOTW will kick out the dupes.

Once you setup the process, any contest log will automatically be properly flagged on import, as well as any newly entered QSOs.

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I am running logger version 3.50.309 on a Win 10 64 bit machine. I just finished the 160 meter phone contest and imported 495 Q’s as an .adi file from my Win-Test contest program. They all came into logger fine and are white (the color I use to indicate they need to be exported as an LOtW file so I can upload them. So far so good.

When I select the Export a file for LOtW I get a message box that has “Only QSO’s by all operators” with a box that is not checked highlighted and then the path to save the file once it is exported. If I check “start” with the box not checked I get “you have not selected any operators. There is nothing to export.” Fair enough. If I check the box “All Operators” I get the message “There are no QSO’s with all operators flagged to put in the LOtW file”. This has not happened before and I feel that it has something to do with the imported 495 Q’s. I might add that under the operator column in logger my call sign is showing as it should for all Q’s.

I have done all I can to try and figure this out on my own but am having about as much luck as I am hearing the XX9D – which as you might imagine is none. I have shut down logger and restarted it. I have rebooted the computer, I even tried recalculating the statistics thinking that might help. They Q’s show they are in my log but for some reason logger will not flag them and export them. If I need to delete all those Q’s and do something else to import them is there any way to mass delete them all at one time?

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. I usually have no problems with logger – always update it when a new version comes out and keep Club Log up to date each day automatically.

Larry K8YYY

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